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Our Philosophy 

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Millions of couples experience infertility. This issue can have a serious impact on a couple's personal relations, their mental and physical health, and may influence their social and economic status. Therefore, it should be the aim of infertility professionals everywhere to work tirelessly at solving the infertility problem.

Over the last 25 years, the medical advancements made by ZDL Global have moved us closer to that goal. As our understanding of human processes is refined, therapeutic possibilities increase.


As we reassess our approach to certain issues, new diagnostic measures have been created. All of these successes positively affect the ZDL bottom line: more babies for desperate and deserving couples.

Meet one of our consultants

Providing you with the best experts in the field

Dr. Panos Zavos

Professor Zavos is the world's preliminary master of reproductive health and fertility treatments.

With an impressive career as a reproductive specialist, Professor Dr. Panos Zavos has devoted more than 40 years to academia, clinical services and research.


His ground breaking developments around new and innovative technologies in the field of human reproductive medicine have had worldwide implications.


Prof. Zavos holds four college degrees and has received extensive training in the areas of reproductive medicine and all other fields of Assisted Reproduction.


He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award and the Graduate Teaching Award from Emporia State University, the Student Leadership Award from the University of Minnesota, and the first ever Honorary Professorship given by the China Academy of Sciences to an American Professor, among many others.

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