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ZDL recommends the use of the Lab-Top® Incubator with both its ZSC® and ZSC® II (swim-up column) and the SpermPrep® (Sephadex) Filtration Column, because research has shown that maintaining physiological temperature (37°C) of the seminal specimen during preparation helps to insure maximal retrieval of healthy, motile spermatozoa.

The LAB-TOP® Incubator 220 V

Hors TVA
  • Many variables, such as outside humidity and laboratory heating and cooling systems may adversely increase of decrease the preferred physiologic temperature of the seminal specimen, which may inadvertently prevent the yield of the necessary numbers of live, healthy spermatozoa. The Lab-Top® Incubator is compact (6" x 7 1/4" x 3 1/4"), but has 8 wells that easily accommodates not only the ZSC® and SpermPrepT Columns, but any standard test tube as well; therefore, the Lab-Top® can be used as a universal warmer for a variety of incubation purposes in your laboratory.


    Cost of the Lab-Top® Incubator is quite economical and additional discount incentives and promotions are offered in conjunction with the purchase of either the SpermPrep® or ZSC® technologies.  Please ask your customer service representative or your local representative on how you may take advantage of these offers when placing your order for either the ZSC® or SpermPrep® products.

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